Team  Mansa

Team Mansa comprises committed, long-tempered, genuine, creative, and efficient members (and we are not blowing our own trumpet . . .)

The Team comprises following professionals:

  • TheTechnical Head with an Engineering background, he brings to the Team Twelve years of Technical expertise, clubbed with Meticulous Planning and Foresight. Calm and composed in the most unnerving of situations, he is truly a People's Man with a knack for Project Execution.
  • The Creative Head, with a Management Degree in Human Resource Management, holds a total experience of Eleven years, of which seven were spent as a HR Consultant with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The years as a Wedding Planner/ Event Coordinator have been utilized in honing already inherent Management Skills, while instilling in the Team a touch of Class, Creativity, and Style for all projects implemented. Truly, a 'Memory Maker' and an Aesthetic at 'Heart'.
  • Our Design Controller is the one man who keeps the technical and the creative functions of the Team in Sync. He is responsible for coming up with innovative design statements to be executed at Weddings and equally at Events. This man is persistence clubbed with Excellence.
  • Our fabulous Trousseau Specialist, she projects what she stands up for - Your Look. A Graduate Topper from NIFT and a Post Graduate Topper from The Pearl Academy of Fashion, she will not rest till she has matched her Design Style to your Personality Specifics - the Outcome, 'Breathtaking'.
  • Team Mansa's Savior - our Financial Controller. If bottom line is important, he is 'The Person' on the Team. Quick to react, full of business foresight, and utilizing every penny to its worth are the phrases that describe him best.